Devolver made a free game about a themselves

Devolver made a free game about a themselves

Devolver, E3 and every other personal game show of 2020 has been canceled due to the epidemic. but that doesn’t prevent Devolver Digital from doing something to fill the void in a very subjective reference way.

I just released a free game from Devolverland Expo on Steam, so what’s the next step? Are you sneaking in through a canceled agreement. It’s the ultimate plug-in for upcoming games like Shadow Warrior 3 and Carrion, but it’s a real game that makes you evade “advanced security systems” to watch videos and find secrets.

Ultimately, the latest expanded marketing and consumer criticism was hidden in a video game press conference, simultaneously announcing Devolver Digital and releasing a new game. It’s called Devolverland Expo and you can get it free for Steam now.

The game itself is not violent, but the videos you see will not be suitable for children in general.

Set to an empty conference center after the main video game noise event has been canceled, it looks like a first-person marketing simulator. It looks like you’ll be exploring spaces along the lines of Devolver games like Weird West, Carrion and Shadow Warrior 3.

Animated stars in the upcoming Battle of Royal Beasts-esque. In addition, there is an electric glove and shirt that you can use against floating security robots. Everything is so strange, I assume it’s what you expect. Devolver is not shy about calling it “Marketing Simulator” and might move on to something else long before that.

However, its very existence is noticeable. Most publishers turned to video events, announcing game news at a time when any large public gathering was dangerous. This at least gives you a taste of that convention experience, minus the busy lanes and expensive food.

Since we recently saw the Oregon County Gallery transform into a MMO game and gave us the EEK 3 Haunted Exploration show, the Devolverland Expo looked very appropriate. I am excited to simulate surreal public places to become solid.

Source : Pcgamer , Engadget 

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