Descenders Got Huge Sales Boost Thanks to Game Pass

Descenders Got Huge Sales Boost Thanks to Game Pass

Descenders Got Huge Sales

With several new indie games coming to the Xbox Game Pass this month, Microsoft fans are signing up for more free titles. But some fans have been asking if Game Pass is as good for developers as it is for gamers…

And the answer, at least according to the editor of Descenders No More Robots, is a resounding “yes.” Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that allows users to play games for free. While the service needs a step-by-step guide to unsubscribe, many fans really like being able to try tons of games and win free stuff on the go. And it seems that the developers are also having a great time with Game Pass, at least in No More Robots.

Mike Rose, who is part of the No More Robots company, tweeted this week that Xbox Game Pass has been fantastic for Descenders, a fast-paced bike racing game. Since the Descenders hit the Game Pass, sales have skyrocketed. Xbox Game Pass allows players to try games they’ve never seen before, including big titles like Minecraft Dungeons and smaller titles like Descenders.

Fortunately for No More Robots, gamers really liked Descenders and made it the eighth most popular game on Xbox Game Pass. According to Rose, sales have also tripled on Xbox. While many sports fans really enjoy regularly released titles like the NFL and upcoming NBA 2k21 titles, BMX fans don’t have the same type of games and regular content for them.

Overall, it seems like Xbox Game Pass is not only great for gamers who want to try a variety of titles, but also for developers looking to expand the reach of their game. There is a reason why Game Pass has remained so popular. With great games available like The Messenger and Streets of Rogue in Game Pass, Game Pass doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Source : Gamerant 

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