Dead by Daylight Adding Fan-Favorite Feature By End of Year

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight announces its latest collaboration. This time a survivor and killer are being introduced from another iconic horror game series: Silent Hill. Play as either Heather Mason or Pyramid Head in this head-to-head game of cat and mouse…

Dead by Daylight’s next Chapter takes us back to an iconic staple of the horror games genre: Silent Hill. That’s right – Behaviour Interactive has revealed the asymmetric survival game’s next adventure ushers in a new map, killer, survivor, and more inspired by Konami’s long-running and spooky series.

According to the developer, the map is not just an “interpretation” of the location: much of the original has been recreated, “so that Silent Hill fans can recognize the location perfectly.” There are also many “secrets” and “winks” linked to the puzzles and symbolism of the original school in the store to discover. Organized.

Dead by Daylight

As for the killer, there’s another very scary family comeback from the series, this time as shown in Silent Hill 2: Pyramid Head, the Executioner. He is a “sadistic and ruthless killer obsessed with imposing punishments through pain,” the study said in a press release, “never without his enormous and enormous sword in tow.”

In DBD, you have some “funky mechanics and perks” at your disposal, one of which even allows you to have some control over the Entity, meaning that “you will be able to control this dark force for the first time as a survivor.”
Also, for the first time in this chapter, Behavior is introducing a new type of cosmetic to the game: Legendary Outfits. These are more than just fur; they allow you to transform Cheryl into another character “completely, visually,” in this case, Lisa Garland, the nurse in the first Silent Hill.

“The good thing about Silent Hill and the teams they are using in their story is something we didn’t have in Dead by Daylight yet,” Richard tells me on the subject of what makes the Konami series perfect for 4v1 multiplayer. game universe “So there’s this whole realm that’s really interesting and the teams are really interesting to get into. They fit perfectly in that regard. They add a lot.”

Dead by Daylight
“Pyramid Head, specifically,” adds game director Mathieu Cote, “is a character who builds himself, not on the actual violence he commits, [but] on the tension he creates: anticipation, fear, simply being the most imposing, terrifying presence just by turning a corner and seeing him there.

“And that fits perfectly with Dead by Daylight, where most of our” violence “is in the tension that builds up, and not in the representation of it. It works very, very well in that regard.”

The Dead by Daylight Silent Hill Chapter launches on June 16.

Source: PCgamesN 

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