Dead By Daylight new HUD, animations, matchmaking, and more

Dead By Daylight new HUD, animations, matchmaking, and more

Dead By Daylight new HUD, The January developer update for Dead By Daylight is a huge update, although I doubt it will suffice to satisfy the Dead By Daylight player type with 1,000 hours and negative reviews on Steam. Among the most important changes made is a revamped HUD, which displays avatars as well as a hook counter next to the player names. The killer can also see the hook’s progress as well, and the entire UI is scalable.

Conformity assessments will return “in the near future” after being tested in 2020, and skill-based matching will be tested again. Dead By Daylight new HUD, Once this system is complete, the ranks will no longer be used for matchmaking, and will instead become part of the new reward system: “Every month, everyone will be awarded Blood Points based on the highest rank they have reached and then reset to the rank 20”.

The animation will change because, as the developers have said, Dead By Daylight is moving “toward a more realistic direction.” It is a purely cosmetic change, which does not affect the speed or acceleration of movement.

Source: pcgamer 

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