DayZ update brings new gear shelters and balance changes

DayZ update brings new gear shelters and balance changes

DayZ update, Just over half a year after closing its Bratislava studio, DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive is introducing a new update. Update 1.10 introduces quite a few changes to DayZ, which predate the battle royale world we live in now. Believe it or not, the full version of DayZ was only launched last year, as Bohemia continues to phase out the Arma mod. This update adds new content while rebalancing some of the core aspects of DayZ.

Let’s move on to the new things first. The M3S truck brings a new vehicle option to players, and there are three new shelters available. Wrench and Signal Pistol provide new weapons, the latter also comes with new ammunition types. If you suffer from leg injuries (i.e., in-game), splints have been added to aid movement after the injury.

New shelters come in three types, and they are determined by the type of material. There are shelters of chopsticks, cloth and leather, although it is not clear if they are limited to only visible changes. Bohemia says they all offer basic storage capacity, along with protection from the elements, including rain. The weather system has been changed here as well, with the aim of a more realistic simulation. Fortunately, stoves now provide valuable heat to gamers, and the user interface has been improved to better show how you handle the cold.

Deal with damage
Adding splints is just the beginning when it comes to injuries in DayZ after the 1.10 update. The developer has also added a shock damage visual effect, which gets dealt with if it doesn’t heal properly. Fortunately, another UI change means that DayZ will now be more effective at demonstrating the damage caused. You will now see when the shock damage is occurring, along with another indication of when you are close to losing consciousness. DayZ can be very brutal here, so these are welcome changes.

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