darkest secrets, What are the secrets high school kids keep?

darkest secrets, What are the secrets high school kids keep?

darkest secrets, As a teenager still in high school, I kind of feel obligated to write an answer to this question. I’ll just randomly start listing things off.

Oh god, the number of drugs. Lots of people smoke weed and drink alcohol, more than anyone expects. The people who you least expect smoke weed, probably use it. I even know of a couple of teachers who are regular smokers.

2. Sex.

There is a lot of sex. We even have certain toilets we try to not use because they are known as the “Fucktoilets” or “Junkietoilets”. People go there to snort cocaine, pop pills, inject heroin, smoke weed, and have sex. Lots of sex.

3. Cheating.

People are always cheating. I can say with confidence that there is at least always one person cheating, on every test. Whether it’s darkest secrets, whispering or looking at each other’s sheets, it happens, and it won’t stop soon.

4. Trouble.

About a week ago, I and a couple of friends of my mine raided one of the vending machines at our school. Basically, one of the janitors at our school is horrible. She always freaks out and chases us if she sees us skipping class, and if she doesn’t catch us she reports us to the principal so we get in a shit-ton of trouble. darkest secrets, She also happens to be the one responsible for filling the vending machines. We managed to get her to chase a couple of our classmates as me and my friend ran to her cart, shoved everything into our backpacks and yee ted out of there. We ended up with quite a haul but got detention for skipping class.

We’ve also found and stalked our teachers Instagrams, Facebook, Snapchats, etc. And we’ve also signed up lots of teachers on a variety of different porn sites, effectively filling their inboxes with porn adverts.

5. Talking shit.

Every single student. Every. Single. One. Talks shit.

Teachers are the usual victims. I do wonder if teachers talk shit about a student? Maybe some teachers could answer that question for me.

6. We barely sleep.

If there is one thing school has taught me, it’s that either you sleep 2–3 hours, or you sleep for 7–8 hours. So, if you find yourself awake at 1 AM, you might as well just stay up a few more hours and powernap for a short period. Sleeping for only a few hours allows you to only reach Stage 1 of the sleep cycle. This means that you can wake up a lot earlier because you don’t enter deeper sleep stages like Stage 2 or 3. As long as you stay in REM sleep or Stage 1, you should be able to function the next day. If you instead get to bed early and get those 8 hours, darkest secrets, thats great. From my experience, the problem only occurs if you sleep for about 5–6 hours. Around that point, you start reaching deep sleep when you’re supposed to wake up, which just makes everything terrible.

7. Depression usually isn’t, but feeling like shit usually is.

It might be confusing at first, but I’ll put it like this.

Most teenagers right now aren’t actually clinically depressed, but they just feel like shit, which also is a valid feeling. Some of us are depressed though, but most of us just aren’t feeling great. This is actually a problem. A lot of people consider suicide on a regular basis, so much so that I personally don’t think too much of it. Suicide jokes aren’t even that big of a deal anymore since it’s become so relatable for so many teens.

8. We don’t really care about most things.

To be completely honest with everyone here, most teenagers don’t care. We understand that we probably won’t have a dramatic impact on the world, and most of us are fine with that. We’ll grow up, hopefully, get jobs and make money, live our lives, but then we’ll die. Most of us understand that although our grades are important unless we’re going to become astrophysicists, brain-surgeons or politicians, we’ll often be able to get by anyway. That’s why we’re fine with skipping class every now and then. Adults dramatize the consequences of these kinds of things, but I personally think that everything will work out in the end.

9. We don’t hate our parents.

If my parents knew I was writing this right now, they’d probably be shocked. Most of us love our parents, even though we may not show it.

To all the parents of Quora, you are great, and we love you 

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