Free PvP mode in Darkest Dungeon comes out tomorrow

Darkest Dungeons

A PvP plugin for Darkest Dungeon, which immediately clarified that it wasn’t an April Fool prank, despite the date and the fact that Darkest Dungeon is about the last game you’d expect to have PvP…

Today revealed the release date, which is very close (tomorrow), and the price, which is very low, is free. The DLC will add a new location to the Darkest Dungeon village called, you guessed it, The Butcher’s Circus, where teams of four heroes (separate from your campaign heroes, so you won’t risk your “real” Darkest Dungeon game) out in combat.

The new gladiator trinkets can give your fighters an advantage over their enemies, and your skill as a leader will be shown by your position on the leaderboards and the complexity of your heraldry, which you can customize with unlockable banner components. Everything is completely separate from the single player game, and in addition to being free, The Butcher’s Circus will not support microtransactions of any kind – all rewards are available only through player progression.

Darkest Dungeons

DLC characters will be usable in PvP combat, but you’ll need to purchase their DLCs if you want to take them to the party, and players who don’t own them can be set up against players who do. (This is how it works in Circus.) Mods and modified characters will not be compatible with The Butcher’s Circus to avoid cheating, and there is an anti-cheating system: players will be able to opt out, but will not be able to play The Butcher’s Circus DLC if they do. (The rest of Darkest Dungeon will work normally.)

Darkest Dungeon: The Butcher’s Circus is only available on Steam “for now”. Red Hook said support for Mac and Linux is on the way, but other platforms and storefronts are up in the air: “Steam is our largest and easiest to deploy user base, so we wanted to start there for this great experiment. PvP, “the study said.

The launch of the DLC also marks the start of Darkest Dungeon’s first-ever free weekend: From 10 am PT/1 pm ET on May 28 to the same time on June 1, the full game will be free to play on Steam, and for those who want to commit, it will also be on sale for 75 percent off.

Source : Pcgamer

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