Stadia-exclusive ‘Crayta’ feels like Google Docs for game creation


Crayta is complicated and simple at the same time. Stadia Exclusive, which will launch on Wednesday, July 1, is a game creation platform where you can create your own levels, rules, and games and share them with other Crayta players…

It looks like Fortnite, uses blocks like Minecraft, but has the creative liberties of something closer to PS4 dreams. That makes it very different from what we’ve seen on Google’s streaming service so far.

It is also the showcase for a highly anticipated Stadia feature: state sharing. In the early days of Stadia, Google released it as the ability to jump into a game at the same point as your friend or favorite streamer. And all without adding a friends list, without laborious game centers: everything is done through a simple web link that can be shared practically anywhere you can copy and paste. (In fact, Crayta’s team described all the ways the game could be shared and released here.)

Crayta, party game center, game creation tool, seems to be the ideal candidate to share the state of beta testing. The advantage not only makes it easy to exchange games when you play, but also collaborates with other Stadia users to create completely new games. Then, once you’re done, you can share a direct link to your creation, without the need to explore other people’s creation libraries. For the record, you can too.


I got in and out of a couple of shared games and tutorials last week, and I was definitely overwhelmed by the creation part of the game. Some other Stadia users in the same instance as me were already creating new game levels, completely updated with the system, while I just threw giant dinosaur skulls and tried to create walls and layers with my Stadia controller, not the keyboard and The mouse. could have used (To their credit, the team even did a tutorial on how to create worlds only with the controller.)

So you may not be a game maker anytime soon, but what about the rewards of these tools? In these early days, the game was seriously released later this week, there are already an interesting number of games that have drawn ideas from other games. Some worked well, others, well, less. To his credit, with many Crayta games, it seems like you’re only controlling one Fortnite character in a different type of game – it’s easy to learn the basics.

(However, don’t expect everything to look like an over-the-shoulder shooter. Creation tools offer a lot of camera freedom, so you can create that isometric game you’ve been dreaming of.)

The team behind Crayta, Unit 2 games, had several games available to try out at this early stage. There was an overlay clone, some “Capture the Flag” games, and another title where you had to overcome a giant wall that was running towards you and the rest of the competition. My personal favorite is “Prop Hunt”. If you’ve never heard of it (and games like this have appeared elsewhere), it’s like a silly version of Prey where you can transform and hide as random objects while other players try to chase you down.

The potential here could be great ideas that are easy to execute with Crayta’s tools. The team has strived to offer plenty of tutorial content and guidance to help you learn the ropes here, and there is much to be done.


Some of these early titles underperformed. “Huddle for Warmth,” where you are tasked with destroying the air conditioning units that are freezing you and the world, is quite confusing and not so much fun. Your health meter is your body temperature, and the more you explore, the colder you will be. With that limited time, you have to go out into the frozen tundra to throw the garbage in the air conditioning.

Whether you see another player depends on whether you spawned in the same camp or if you were lucky while you wandered the flares to ask for help. Without someone by your side, unsurprisingly, it’s not much fun to freeze to death repeatedly. Other games played a little wobbly, but these are early games in a new tool. Can i be patient

The Crayta Premium Edition will launch on July 1, with 500 in-game currency credits for skins and items. The team also promises “seasonal post-launch content” for the rest of the year. It’s free for Stadia Pro subscribers, but if you’re on the free tier, the base version costs $ 39.99.

Source : Engadget 

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