Capcom Responds To Requests for a Monster Hunter World Switch Port

Capcom Responds To Requests for a Monster Hunter World Switch Port

Capcom Responds

Monster Hunter World made a positive impression when it launched in 2018, and many believed that it paid tribute to previous entries and made it accessible enough for newcomers…

Despite critics praising Monster Hunter World, some players were disappointed that the game did not hit any Nintendo system like previous versions. The title’s publisher and developer, Capcom, has answered questions about a Nintendo Switch port and will give many fans mixed feelings.

The first Monster Hunter game was released in 2004 and largely consolidated the conventions of the series, which focuses on action role-playing and of course creature hunting. Each iteration of the game has managed to build on the central premise of the titles and create a more engaging experience. As a result, Monster Hunter World became the best-selling game in the franchise with over 15 million copies sold, and naturally its huge fan base would like to enjoy the title on multiple platforms.

Capcom has posted the answer to the question about plans for a Nintendo Switch port on its site. The response indicates that there will be no Monster Hunter World port for the Switch and this may be due to contractual agreements or due to the difficulty of running the game on the platform. That said, there have been plenty of technically impressive game ports like The Witcher 3, and gamers will be disappointed with the first part of this answer. However, there seems to be hope for Monster Hunter fans who own a Switch.

There is good news for Switch gamers, the original question was also whether a game with a target audience of high school kids was in development and it appears so. Capcom has said, “We have plans for the Monster Hunter game that high school kids can enjoy and expect.” As a result, many fans hope this means that a new Monster Hunter game is coming to the Nintendo Switch. That said, it has been claimed that future Monster Hunter games will focus on PC releases and it is unclear if this is what the answer alludes to.

Many have read this answer as confirmation of a Monster Hunter game coming to Nintendo Switch, and given the excitement from fans, this may be a profitable avenue for Capcom to explore. Early comments to this answer have expressed a desire to receive a main series Monster Hunter title for Switch, but many will be relieved just to get a Monster Hunter title on the platform.

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