Call of Duty: Warzone Reddit player gives new meaning

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Reddit user Schmayward was playing Call of Duty: Warzone when he ended up in the final circle. Unfortunately, his teammate died, leaving him on his own to fight off a squad of enemies.

Call of Duty Warzone His misfortunes continued, however, as it turned out the enemy squad was rocking RPGs, so instead of losing the match to RPG spam, Schmayward decided to play the long game. He quickly realised that he’s close to a Buy Station, which he promptly used to buy one gas mask after another in order to survive staying in the gas. Schmayward ended up winning that game, by simply paying to, well, win. He was obviously lucky to have enough cash for several gas masks, but it was ultimately the right call.

I know right 😂 they knew exactly where he was because they saw him run off, but they couldn’t put 2 and 2 together lol. Some people get nervous during the final circle so they don’t think straight. Some people just panic in the final circle and they just stay there hoping that the other team is weaker than they are.

There was this one time where it was me against someone else who had higher ground in the final circle, and the circle was closing in on where he was, and I could have easily killed him with a couple of C4s since he was camping right above me but I never thought of doing that so I died from gas damage. I literally realized all of this while being downed in the gas lmao. That 2nd place stung for a solid 3-4 matches after (since I had no wins at that time 😂)

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