Bloodborne PC Rumor Claims PS5 version also updated in the works


In mid-May a rumor surfaced stating that Bloodborne was headed for the PC, but while it seemed possible there were many questions about the veracity of the rumor. Now a new rumor says that the Bloodborne PC port is not only real, but its range is wider than many would expect…

The latest news on Bloodborne’s PC port comes from CaseyExplosion on Twitter, which claims to have obtained the information from an internal source. According to CaseyExplosion, he donated a worthy cause in exchange for an internal scoop and turned out to be more information about Bloodborne.
Firstly, it confirms that Bloodborne is releasing for PC as previously mentioned. That rumor claimed that the game was unlikely to be announced anytime soon, but the CaseyExplosion source says otherwise. He claims that FromSoftware fans would see the game show up as part of Thursday’s PS5 event that was postponed earlier this week.

It may seem strange that a Bloodborne PC port is announced during a Sony event, but there is a good reason for doing so. According to the source, the upcoming game is actually more in line with a Bloodborne Remaster than a direct PC port and is intended for both a PC version and a PS5.


The only key detail that is unclear from the origin is the scope of the remaster job. CaseyExplosion calls it Remastered / HD Edition but Bloodborne is already an HD title and looks very impressive on the platform. Most likely, if this rumor is true, the Bloodborne PS5 version would have support for HDR and 4K resolution, higher frame rates and faster loading times. Loading times were a problem for Bloodborne at launch, so it would be nice to see the PS5’s SSD make it easier to navigate the various areas of the game.

While this news is sure to please fans of FromSoftware, there is one detail that could make them pause. Apparently this Bloodborne remaster was not developed by the Soulsborne study. CaseyExplosion suggests that the project is in a studio he trusts but who exactly manages the game is unclear. An easy guess would be Bluepoint, but the developer seems to be working on a remake of Demon’s Souls. Not to mention the fact that Bluepoint generally works on complete remakes of older games and not on remasters.

Either way, gamers shouldn’t wait long to find out if the rumors about Bloodborne for PC are true now. At first it looked like something it would say and then disappear, but if it’s part of Sony’s PS5 event there should be confirmation one way or another soon.

Source : Gamerant 

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