Bloodborne Acrylic Panels Will Appear in January 2021

Bloodborne Acrylic Panels Will Appear in January 2021

Bloodborne Acrylic, Three different types of Bloodborne acrylic panels will be released in January 2021. These three layered pieces of art feature environmental artwork from Bloodborne and key art from The Old Hunters DLC. Each acrylic panel will cost 13,500 yen, which is about $128.

As mentioned above, these panels will feature various images from the game. The first panel features a close up of the hunter brandishing the saw cleaver. The second panel focuses on the environment by showing off the Nightmare of Mensis area, specifically the arena where players face off against Mergo’s Wet Nurse. And lastly, the final panel features the key artwork from The Old Hunters DLC. This image shows Lady Maria sitting in the Astral Clocktower.

The acrylic panels will be 178x136mm. Production of these items will be handled by Union Creative. As you can see above, the Nightmare of Mensis panel is designed to be displayed horizontally.

Recent Bloodborne merchandise, aside from these acrylic panels, includes a series of Cainhurst and Powder Kegs badge necklaces by TORCH TORCH. These recreations are a little on the pricy side. However, SuperGroupies will be releasing a line of more affordable accessories. This line will include an Astral Clocktower inspired watch, a bag, and a genuine leather wallet.

Bloodborne is immediately available for the PlayStation 4.

Source : siliconera

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