Official Game Blair Witch Has Revealed its Nintendo Switch

blair witch

A new trailer for the official game Blair Witch has revealed its Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite release date…Along with the new look at the horror game, Polish developer Bloober Team, the studio behind characters like Layers of Fear and Observer

Revealed that Switch users will be called into the woods on June 25, when Blair Witch hits the console of Nintendo for $ 30 and with an “M” for the “Maduro” rating. In addition to all of this, Bloober Team also confirmed that the game on Switch will include the “Good Boy Pack” update, which gives players the ability to customize their canine companion’s fur, eye color, and collar attributes, along with animations. additional Bullet. It will also come with the “Super Rex” minigame.

blair witch

In the meantime, unsurprisingly, the game will support what makes the Nintendo Switch unique, which are its three forms of play: TV mode, portable mode, and table mode. It will also be compatible with HD Rumble and will have touch screen support. As for the game itself, it debuted last August via Xbox One and PC, before hitting PS4 in December. And now it comes to Nintendo Switch. After launch, the game was a bit divisive.

Some really loved it, praising their unique psychological horror. However, others were less impressed, which is why it has a somewhat disappointing Metacritical score.
In the latest and related news, three new Nintendo Switch games have been made free, but there is a slight catch.

Source : comicbook

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