Bioware says Anthem redesign will be alonger process


After months of silence we finally have an update on the development of Anthem Next, and it looks like we wont be playing it any time soon. Anthem’s launch was a mess. Countless issues lead to a much deserved panning from critics and users alike. But Bioware isn’t giving up on the franchise, and a total overhaul of the game is in the works. Today we cover the most recent update on Anthem Next.

About The News: 

While many games-as-a-service thrive, EA’s Anthem launch is one of the bigger misfires in recent history. In February, Bioware boss Casey Hudson officially announced plans to “reinvent” its experience, and today a blog post explains a bit more about the team behind that effort.

Bioware Austin Studio Director Christian Daley led development of several post-launch updates on the game, and says he’s been “stalking” player feedback online for notes on how to improve things. The good news is that a team of 30 or so people are already working on prototypes of changes, and hopes to share those with fans during the development period, even if they’re elements that might ultimately not ship.


However, if you were hoping for a quick turnaround on a new-look Anthem, he also said “this is going to be a longer process.” Given the effects of crunch on the game’s launch, that’s probably for the best.

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