Bandai Namco is teasing a Polish Tekken 7 DLC character

Bandai Namco is teasing a Polish Tekken 7 DLC character

Bandai Namco is teasing, During the latest Japanese fighting game roundtable, Bandai Namco harassed another newcomer to the Tekken 7 list. Prepare for the next battle, because it looks like Tekken 7 is getting another new character in the upcoming DLC.

In the brief trailer you can see below, the currently unnamed fighter was bothered for a while after showing us some quick adjustments across the nation of Poland. The new female character is seen leaving her car, apparently being addressed as “Prime Minister” with an off-screen voice. interesting.

The following character is the latest addition to the game after Season 4 introduced us to the Tekken 2 Kunimitsu fighter, a new stage, and a UI / online update. Bandai Namco is teasing, The character will arrive as part of the scheduled DLC 18/19 (second half of Season 4 Season Pass) “early spring 2021”, and Bandai Namco has promised that we will hear more about the upcoming character “soon.”

The new character will be the latest in a series of international additions to the roster we’ve seen throughout Tekken 7’s life: from Italian Claudio to Brazilian Catarina, Thai Fahcomram to Saudi Shaheen, Filipino Josie to New Polish. Character, Bandai Namco is definitely working on making Tekken a more representative fighter.

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