Back 4 Blood delivers fans some Hope with a new image

Back 4 Blood delivers fans some Hope with a new image

The good news of Back 4 Blood:

If you’re not tired of zombies, the good news is that neither are Turtle Rock Studios, the people behind Left 4 Dead. Last year they announced Back 4 Blood, a triumphant return for number 4 and the zombies, but since then they have been silent. As proof that his project remains undead, Turtle Rock has shuffled a new conceptual image. You can see the uncut version below.

In a new post, Turtle Rock says “we wanted to take a look and a little hope,” presumably it means, yes, that heavily fortified looking base of the same name. For now, there’s nothing more concrete than a sun-dappled Hope on a hillside with a United States flag.

As for what we already knew, they released just a few details last year. “You will be able to shoot many zombies like in Left 4 Dead, but there are many new things in Back 4 Blood that make it unique,” they said more than a year ago when Back 4 Blood was announced.

They didn’t share the new Back 4 Blood at the time, nor have they shared it now, but it will include PvP and a campaign. It is not a battle royale game. We already have enough of those.

At least for now, Turtle Rock doesn’t seem to have a release date or game to share. They responded to a Twitter user who asked about an advance to say “we are working on it.” Whether or not we see such an imminent advance is as much your guess as mine.

For more information on Back 4 Blood, you can check out the Turtle Rock FAQ page, which at the moment seems to be the most up-to-date information on your next zombie game.

Source : rockpapershotgun

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