Aquaman Villain is coming to Fortnite : Leak Reveals

Aquaman Villain is coming to Fortnite : Leak Reveals

Fortnite Leak reveals that Aquaman Villain is coming to the game

A new leak from Fortnite Season 3 has revealed that Aquaman will soon be joining its biggest villain: Black Manta…

For Season 3, Epic Games not only flooded the game’s map, but added the following DC Comics main character: Aquaman, who will be the flagship skin during Season 3. For now, it remains to be seen if any of the Friends of Aquaman will be joining him, but we know that Black Manta will be coming to the game thanks to a recent data mining leak. It remains to be seen whether he will join Aquaman’s other great enemy, Ocean Master.

The data mining leak comes from Fortnite leading data miner, HypeX, who unearthed files belonging to Black Manta while investigating the latest game update. According to the dataminer, both Black Manta and Black Manta Blades will be released via Item Shop on June 16. Meanwhile, the data miner also notes that another secret Aquaman character will be released at the same time.

As always, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and everything is always subject to change. However, data mining leaks are not only quite reliable, but HypeX has also proven to be very reliable in the past.

Source : comicbook

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