Apple updates Schoolwork app to help teachers manage classrooms

Apple updates Schoolwork

Apple updates Schoolwork has updated its collaborative education app with new features that will make it easier for students and teachers to participate in classroom activities remotely.

The company’s Schoolwork app has undergone a major shift with updates that make it easy for teachers to manage assignments from afar. Navigation has been redesigned in the app so that teachers can quickly navigate through all their posts for each semester, and quickly access drafts and favorites. On the student’s part, the app will also display accrued study assignments throughout each semester.

Educators can also take advantage of individual assignments and view each student’s progress and the amount of time spent on work, compared to the rest of the class. Although these changes will be useful even in the regular classroom environment, they may provide teachers with valuable insight because students work remotely. If a student takes much longer to finish the task, or finishes much more quickly than the rest of the class, this may inform the teacher that he needs additional help, for example. Teachers will now also have the ability to send messages to students or FaceTime via Schoolwork if they need more individual attention.

Apple updates Schoolwork first launched Schoolwork in 2018, along with a new iPad geared towards schools. But as many schools are now adapting to teleworking, recent changes can help accelerate the introduction of the company’s teaching tools. The company also launched a new section “Learning from Home” on its website, with resources to help teachers create remote friendly lessons.

Source : Engadget 

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