Apple is drag Valve into its on-going legal battle with Epic

Apple is drag Valve into its on-going legal battle with Epic

Apple is drag Valve, Apple’s Anti-Trust, with new documents revealing that Apple asked Valve to hand over financial data. Various court documents have revealed that Apple has subpoena Valve for the Steam commercial data, as tech giant Tim Cook requested years of in-depth sales information from the Steam platform owner.

A shared discovery letter reads: “Apple and Valve have participated in many meetings and shows, but Valve has refused to provide information in response to Requests 2 and 32”. Apple notes that “Epic’s various distribution options for mobile and non-mobile devices are fundamental to the contested issues of market definition and market power.”

As such, Apple wants to dig into Valve’s data to prove its point – stating that Epic has a range of options available to it when it comes to publishing and distributing its titles. Apple is drag Valve, Order 2, then, requires Valve to provide complete annual data such as sales, revenue, and other financial information from the Annual Sales of Applications and In-App Products. Apple hopes this data supports its claims and makes it clear that Epic has a host of other venues to sell Fortnite.

32, at the same time, requests “sufficient documents to show: (a) the name of each app on Steam; (b) the date range when the app was available on Steam; and (c) the app’s price and any in-app product available on Steam.”

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