Apex Legends is getting adorable Valve themed charms

Apex Legends is getting adorable Valve themed charms

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Steam release date is set for this autumn, and Respawn has some extra giveaways in mind to help celebrate the release. The Steam version of Apex Legends will get a series of exclusive charms based on some of Valve’s most notable characters from Portal and Half-Life, and the devs have provided an early look at those new cosmetics.

The three charms were shown off during Respawn’s latest devstream and while I’m no that fussed over gun charms, these sure are very, very cute.

These charms will be available exclusively through the Steam version, and will be provided as limited-time login rewards. The devs say we’ll get more details closer to release, which is sadly still just set for a nebulous ‘autumn’. Hopefully the debut of these cosmetics mean the Steam version is coming sooner rather than later, though.

In anticipation for ApeLegs’ Steam launch, Respawn got together with the boffins at Valve to create three crossover cosmetics a headcrab zombie Octane, Wattson clutching a companion cube, and a potato GLaDOS to chastise your progress through the King’s Canyon experiment. These’ll be available as limited-time log-in rewards when the game eventually hits Steam at an unannounced date this Autumn.

Valve themed charms

There’s an additional treat for audiophiles in that devstream, mind. The bulk of the vid is given over to composer Steve Barton and senior audio director Erik Kraber, who go in deep on ApeLegs’ underappreciated soundscape. I’ve always thought that the rushing musical build-up during the drop was quietly the best part of Apex, and I’m keen to dig into this 30-minute deep dive once my wonky headphones finish charging.

While they are delightful, I’d maybe have liked to see a costume or two particularly in the wake of Death Stranding’s ludicrous Half-Life crossover items. C’mon, we can’t give Caustic a Combine mask? Outfit Wraith in an Aperture Science jumpsuit? Ah, well. They’re charming wee charms nonetheless.

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