Apex Legends Season 6 is adding crafting and a new Legend

Apex Legends Season 6 is adding crafting and a new Legend

Apex Legends Season 6, Season six of Apex Legends is fast approaching. Along with the kinds of updates you’d expect a new legend, weapon, cosmetics, battle pass and ranked season there’s a feature that could drastically shake up how you play. Respawn is adding crafting to the battle royale.

While the studio hasn’t given much detail on how that’ll work just yet, it said you’ll be able to make better gear using materials you collect. There was already a small element of modding in Apex Legends in the form of weapon attachments, but it looks like there’ll be a bigger focus on crafting going forward.

While Rampart looks like she knows her way around a crafting bench, you won’t have to pick her to take advantage of the new crafting system. We still don’t know much about how it will work, but you’ll be able to find materials all over the map that you can then hammer into new gear.


There might be an end in sight for season 5, but there are still a number of questions remaining about the next season of Apex Legends. Recently, players discovered the addition of a crane and what appear to be rocket parts on the game’s World’s Edge map. While Respawn has pulled back the curtain on some of the new additions coming to the game, Apex Legends Season 6, the mystery surrounding the crane continues to taunt players.

It’s possible that the rocket’s presence might foreshadow the addition of a new map to the game, but until Respawn reveals more information, it’s impossible to say for sure. At the very least, it’s given players an interesting mystery to ponder!

The mechanic seems to align well with the newest playable character, Rampart. A web page for the new season calls her “an expert modder who made her name in underground fight clubs,” but you’ll need to wait a little longer to learn about Rampart’s abilities.

There’ll be another gun for you to loot in season six too, an energy sub-machine gun called the Volt. You can probably expect more details about all of these updates before season six goes live on August 16th.

Source :  Pcgamer , Engadget , comicbook 

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