Apex Legends dev Wraith is no longer the most popular legend

Apex Legends dev Wraith is no longer the most popular legend

Apex Legends dev Wraith, Respawn’s lead game designer working on Apex Legends has confirmed that the multi-dimensional Skirmisher Wraith is no longer the game’s most popular character, “by and large” for the first time since its launch.

While a lot has changed over the eight seasons of Apex Legends, Wraith’s popularity has remained steady. The Legend has the ability to open cracks between different locations, as well as hear “voices from the void,” which warn them when danger approaches.

These abilities, combined with her smaller ones, landed her at the top of the Apex Legends list, in terms of popularity and power. Apex Legends dev Wraith, Despite adding the Low Profile (and the dungeon of larger myths), it kept its popularity and left Respawn in the dark about how to adequately balance them.

As part of her strategy to make it more balanced, Respawn chose to slightly increase the scale of her success at the start of Season 8. It appears these contractions have had a serious impact on her position in Apex Legends.

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During a discussion focused on Caustic’s equilibrium, Klein revealed that Wraith nerf has seen her fall from the most popular character from some distance, to the most popular fourth choice.

“[Caustic’s] pick rate was always a solid average for the first pack,” he said, “but with the introduction of Fuse and Wraith nerf the pickup rates were shaken up a bit (Wraith moved from the top, where pretty much all of Apex’s existence was, to a fourth higher!), Caustic now also ranks 5th with the highest selection. ”

One can assume, then, that Fuse, Wraith, and Caustic occupy three of the top five selected myths. Lifeline, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, and Horizon seem like candidates to be in or near the top five, but we won’t know for sure unless Respawn chooses to reveal a more detailed list.

The horizon will undoubtedly be near the top, and likely number one overall. Meanwhile, unwanted characters like Rampart are rocking the bottom, but Respawn confirmed that more amateurs are coming.

What is certain, however, is that Wraith’s popularity has finally taken off with her powerhouse in Season 8.

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