Apex Legends Confirms Bug Fixes Coming Soon

Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans have been enjoying the new game update for the Lost Treasures Collection event, though it did introduce some issues. Last week Respawn recognized the following set of bugs that it is ready to address in the next patches for..

Respawn Garza Community Coordinator maintains a public record of bugs and issues that the developer of Apex Legends knows and works on using the Trello website. Problems are marked as investigated or ready to be released, and if necessary, they are fixed by implementing a patch for players to download or update Apex servers.

On June 25, Garza added several issues that have arisen since the release of the Lost Treasures Collection Event update. Some of the issues are minor quality of life bugs like a buzz during gameplay, a player’s choice of music isn’t saved, and players have too much time to pick up a treasure pack preventing them from getting the next one. However, other problems are slightly more important. Below the image are the issues Respawn plans to fix in the next patches:

Octane can’t activate her tactical stimulus while aiming her gun sight
Wraith can fire her weapon when shot down
Octane can move at normal running speed if she uses her tactic while healing
Wraith’s new Marble Goddess skin is undamaged by head shots
Caustic gas prevents players from reviving teammates or self-reviving
If Revenant’s Ultimate Death Protection disappears during a resuscitation, cancel the resuscitation
If a player dies while under Death Protection when hanging on walls or zip lines, he is not returned to the death totem.

Some of these issues are creating some very unfair scenarios, like Wraith being able to shoot while down, or Caustic gas preventing resuscitation. Many thought that Octane could move faster while healing was part of the series of perks he received as part of the Lost Treasures Collection Event update. The problems with Death Protection must stem from the change Respawn made to remove the distance limit. Wraith’s new Marble Goddess skin is partially fixed as Respawn was able to revert the hitbox to its default state using a server-side change, but it will be assumed that there will be a complete solution in the next patch.

It’s important to note that no one from Respawn has announced a release date for the next patch, and there is no confirmation that all of these issues will be fixed in the next patch. But Apex Legends players can at least rest easy knowing that Respawn is on the case.

The Lost Treasures Event will still take place on Apex until July 7. There are plenty of vintage treasure-themed cosmetics available, as well as Mirage’s hilarious new weapon. The accompanying limited-time mode, Armed and Dangerous Evolved, features only sniper rifles, shotguns, evo-shields and the new mobile respawn beacon.

Source : trello

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