Amnesia Rebirth review, facing your fears

Amnesia Rebirth review, facing your fears

Amnesia Rebirth review, Two things were constantly on my mind while I was playing Amnesia: Rebirth – the sequel to one of the best terrifying video games of recent generations. One: Why can’t I catch this candle? And secondly: This lady will harm her unborn baby.

As with most games, and certainly horror games, there is a lot of disbelief that needs to be put on hold. I never wondered why a spectral lady from the local Algerian legend was trying to help an unfortunate group of explorers after their plane crashed. I didn’t understand when our hero, Tassi, pulled an amulet around her wrist and started to open multi-dimensional gates in the air.

But why can’t I catch the damn candle?

Because Amnesia: Rebirth focuses on light and dark, just like its predecessor – stay in the dark for too long and Tasi begins to hear and see things that may or may not be there. Thus begins the search for matches and oil for a broken old lantern.

The game directs the player to search for the light because as we all know, the darkness is where the monsters live. Monsters are properly brutal; Ugly humans devoid of any sense of their past lives as people, wandering around and screaming and looking for Tassi. All Tassi wants is to find the other plane crash survivors, then go home with her baby.

The child himself is a guiding bastion of normalcy. Amnesia Rebirth review, It keeps Tassi, and thus the player, on the ground. Not just by reintroducing the “human element” but by literally pacifying Tassi, eliminating her fear.

When prompted to whip via DualShock and flash on the screen, I was asked to press the circle button, which caused Tassi to rub her stomach and talk to her baby. The tendrils at the edges of the retreat of the screen and we move on to the next environmental puzzle under the sands of Algeria, in a Roman temple, or a plane from another world.

The bulk of the game consists of gorgeous puzzles embellished at the edges through the lore of the background and is usually masterfully voiced, creating a world that looks compelling. The overall story of humanity is smart. As the story unravels itself, it reveals a vibrant heart of passion, love, and compassion. It deals with the legacy of death and how to survive grief.

It dawned on us early on that Tassi and her partner Slim had another baby, Alice. Through the short hand-drawn load screen posters, we feel that Alice was sick and suffered, and through that, the connection between Tassi and the player grows.

Tassi is the strength of the game in many respects; In addition to being an amazing heroine, she also leads a sentimental storyline that quickly screams horror. In fact, it wasn’t long before ghosts and ghouls became a nuisance rather than a hindrance.

Yet ghosts still knock at the house the idea that horror is about staying and overcoming adversity, stirring up the light in the dark, and confronting your fears. And in the end, Amnesia: Rebirth is a really good horror game.

The player never really showed off many of the team members surrounding a Tassi expedition. We only see them in drawings from her diary, and they are in focus as she reveals the beats of the story. This helps us see them all through Tassi’s eyes, emphasize her feelings, and make us on the outside.

Verdict: 8.5

Source: wireframe

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