A Gears of War Classic is Possibly Being Remastered

A Gears of War Classic is Possibly Being Remastered

A Gears of War Classic, Not surprisingly, many of today’s editions are centered around rewriting favorite classics rather than creating new titles. There are tons of new and fun titles to be interested in, but transformers are a staple in games these days. I can guarantee though that today’s potential revelation of Remester will be a surprise nonetheless. Today, the official Gears of War Twitter account teased an arm with a bunch of dog tags, which you can see below.

For any classic Gears of War fan like me, you might recognize this arm and those gear signs. Take a quick peek at Gears of War 2’s square art, and you’ll instantly see the similarities. While this does not confirm that the game is being re-mastered, it does hint at it strongly. First, the lack of a caption or any other information easily indicates the idea. This, combined with the success of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, indicates this possibility. A Gears of War Classic, It’s also possible that the team feels nostalgic, but at least I think that’s not the case.

As someone who started my Gears of War experience playing Part Two with my dad, it is exciting to see that the game may be remastered. Being able to experience everything it has to offer again, with high visuals, would be something I would put money on. Even that foremost classic crowd with added fortifications would be a charm to return to.

Aside from that, some also suspected that we’d see a redesigned third installment as well. Although I doubt this personally, it is not out of possibility, there are three jagged signs after all (I feel like I went back to the theories of the Illuminati in the past writing that).

What are your thoughts on this harassment? Do you think she hints at a remastered version of Gears of War 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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