35th Birthday Zelda one of gaming’s greatest series

35th Birthday Zelda one of gaming’s greatest series

35th Birthday Zelda, According to a 1994 interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, the original synopsis of The Legend of Zelda was an NES game that would start a revolutionary franchise that continues to lure and overwhelm players after more than 35 years.

As the legend goes, Miyamoto built the legendary adventure game on his own experiences exploring the Japanese countryside. The designer tells a famous story about discovering the entrance to the cave when he was a boy, before spending time building the courage to go inside and discover its secrets. It’s the adventure feeling he sought to recreate with the original Zelda.

He became aware of the history of the earth and the natural world that inhabits it, “said Miyamoto.” This is reflected in the title: “The Legend of Zelda.”

The original Zelda movie, first released for the Famicom Disk System on February 21, 1986, 35th Birthday Zelda, tells the story of Link, the “little boy” who is tasked with preventing the evil Ganon from taking Hyrule’s land. Ganon has acquired the Triforce of Power, one of two Triforces (in this game, at least); To make sure he didn’t also take the Triforce of Wisdom, Princess Zelda split it into eight and scattered the pieces across Hyrule.

Naturally, Ganon isn’t too happy with this one, so lock Zelda. It’s up to Link to collect the eight coins, rebuild the Triforce of Wisdom, defeat Ganon in the Death Mountain, and save Princess Zelda.

Miyamoto explained in the same 1990s interview that adventure and RPG games are games in which the story is presented through dialogue alone, but we wanted players to actually experience physical sensation using a controller and moving the character across the world.

“We wanted the dungeons to be explorable with a simple mapping system. These ideas and the like were what we wanted to try in Zelda. These themes are carried forward in SFC Zelda as well.”

The Famicom Disk System hadn’t been released in the West, so when it was decided to bring The Legend of Zelda overseas, Nintendo had to come up with a new idea for saving games.

Storage wasn’t an issue as the cartridge capacity increased over time, but the lack of a writable floppy disk created a new solution: the backup battery. The Legend of Zelda was the first cartridge game to allow players to save their progress directly on the cart via an internal battery.

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